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At Parksville Denture Clinic, we offer you a personalised experience along with the latest in denture technology. Our denturists help you find the right denture that is best suited for your needs. Over the course of time, dentures need to be examined, repaired or relined due to normal wear and tear. Alignments of the jaw slowly change as the bone and gum ridges shrink from the extraction process. Having proper and timely examinations can protect your teeth and make sure your oral tissues are disease free. Whether you are interested in repairs or want to find out about implant overdentures, we can help you make an informed decision. Give us a call to book a free and no-obligation consultation today.

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At Parksville Denture Clinic we offer a unique digital system when it comes to designing your dentures.
We implement a 3D dental software program called Bellus 3D. Bellus 3D is a 3D scan of our patient’s mouth to virtually set up dentures. This affords us the ability to create a perfect placement for each of our client’s dentures.
If you’re in need of a new set of dentures, let Parksville Denture Clinic create the perfect set, made especially for you!

Routine Denture Exams and Maintenance at Parksville Denture Clinic

Regular visits to our clinic help us to review your oral health to screen for any abnormalities such as cancer or oral diseases. It is also imperative to make sure that your dentures are appropriately placed, fitted, and functioning. Whether you have implant dentures, complete dentures, or partial dentures, routine exams are essential for any patient.

Implant Overdentures

Like traditional dentures, implant overdentures are removable appliances that include prosthetic teeth. By placing an implant into the jaw bone, osseointegration takes place between the implant and the bone. This process allows the implant to replicate a tooth and restore functionality in the oral cavity. Stimulation of the bone helps in the prevention of future tissues and bone loss. Besides, it also provides a stable and reliable anchor to which retention adjoining can be attached and used in retaining full or partial dentures. Talk to qualified denturists at Parksville to discuss these options.

Precision Dentures

Precise measurements ensure the most accurate fit and maximised functioning of precision dentures. These dentures consist of premium teeth in consonance with your jawline, lips, eyes, and complexion to ensure the most desirable and natural looking aesthetics. Our IVO CAP injection system is used in the final finishing stages to ensure the most intimate fit possible. The injection system helps minimise porosity and dimensional change in the acrylic, which, in turn, minimises staining and odour.

Parksville Denture Clinic's Products

Parksville Denture Clinic in Parksville only uses quality industry trusted brands that utilise innovative materials such as PSYSIODENS. Whether you need immediate dentures after an extraction, or would like to learn about options for implant dentures, we can help you select the right brand product for your needs.

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