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Parksville Denture Clinic was founded in 2010. The clinic is locally owned and operated by a very diligent and passionate person, Jasmine Cherry. In 2013, the clinic was moved to downtown Parksville, BC. Our clinic offers a warm and welcoming environment for patients. We even have some of the most exquisite artwork from our favourite artists. We are committed to using quality materials along with the latest fabrication technology. Our focused dedication towards providing quality services has continually allowed us to grow and thrive in all areas of business. For more information about our products and services, or to schedule a free consultation, give us a call today.



Jasmine Cherry, R.D.




Our Founder & Owner

Jasmine always knew that Denturism was her lifelong passion. In 2010, she purchased Carol English Denture Clinic and renamed it Parksville Denture Clinic. Until 2014, Jasmine ran her practice out of Wembley Mall and then relocated to the West Coast Professional Building next door to Wembley Dental on Weld Street in Parksville, BC. Jasmine has used her high level of education to design the Clinic with the latest technology and equipment so that she can provide patients with the best possible treatments available. Since then, Parksville Denture Clinic has grown and allowed Jasmine to carry on doing what she does best!
Jasmine's Up Close & Personal

James Cherry, R.D.



In 2013, James joined Jasmine's practice as a student denturist working with Jasmine through his college curriculum. Today as a fully certified Denturist, he continues to provide exceptional treatment to his patients while feeling extremely passionate and blessed to be in a profession that changes lives everyday. Specializing in SEMCD Lower Suction Denture technique, James finds joy in delivering stable dentures to his patients.
James' Up Close & Personal

Masato Takeuchi, R.D.



Masato Takeuchi R.D. has been a most welcome addition to the practice. With 11 years of technical experience prior to earning his diploma, dentures are his second nature. Placing 7th in the world in a 2007 BPS denture competition, Masato lives to provide his patients with dentures they love and will keep them smiling for years to come. Masato attended a course from Dr. Jiro Abe, founder of the SEMCD Lower suction denture in Japan, adopting knowledge and excitement offering this technique to his patients.
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Office Manager

Just a small town girl looking for a new journey, Rennee and her husband moved their 2 teenage boys from Northern Alberta in the summer of 2015. Looking to be a part of a passionate team, she landed a position where learning everything there is to know about dentures has been both rewarding and enlightening. A true people person, Renee will greet you with a smile and is always willing to help you however she can.
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Heidi has been a huge part of Parksville Denture Clinic from the very beginning. She will greet you with a smile and is ready to serve you however she can. Knowledgeable in insurance claims, she can get you all the answers you need from your insurance company. Always happy to see familiar faces and welcoming to new ones as well. You can meet Heidi at the Qualicum Clinic from Monday to Wednesday. She loves watching the difference a set of dentures can make.




Heather, our ray of shine, is a CDA. She is always happy and chipper to see you. Heather will take you in the room and get all your information to the denturist. She is full of helpful information and wants to make sure you leave the clinic happy. Heather was a care aide prior to becoming a CDA and is truly compassionate about all of our patients. Heather will help however she is needed and is guaranteed to make you smile.
Heather's Up Close & Personal

Cindy Lou



Cindy Lou is the first face you see when you walk into the clinic, ready to greet you with a smile and a warm hello. She will take care of you from the time you walk in until you walk out, and even after you're gone. Gentle face and words of comfort, she shares so much of what you need. Taking the stress out of your day as she listens to what you have to say, and will answer all and any questions you may have. Her energy is contagious, always willing to give hugs if you need one.
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Robin works in the lab. He was first introduced into the Denturist field when he shadowed Jasmine on a case. The experience was so rewarding that he knew he wanted to work in the lab. After completing his course in Vancouver, Robin didn't hesitate to contact Parksville Denture Clinic to join the team. Robin's background as a goldsmith gives him an innate ability to see the fine details needed to construct quality custom dentures. He is always learning and offering innovative ideas to help ensure that each case is successful. Although you may not see Robin, he is the one that helps maintain the quality of work to make you happy. An important asset to the team.
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Laurie has many years experience working as a CDA in Parksville, BC. You can find her Thursdays in our Qualicum Office. She is at Jasmine's side ready to be part of your treatment, doing everything from booking appointments to pouring up models. Laurie is our super girl - a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the dental world, she is always ready to assist you with anything you need. Happy to greet you and there to answer your questions.
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